Fused Cast AZS Block

Brand of Fused Cast AZS refractory bricks: TY-AZS33, TY-AZS36, TY-AZS41, are widely used fused cast refractories both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting furnaces.

Fused Cast Alumina Block

The types of fused cast alumina refractories are TY-M, TY-A, TY-H, learn more about the detailed information of Fused cast Alumina Block.

Fused Cast High Zirconia Block

The series of TY-Z are fused cast high zirconia block refractories,TY-Z can be used in high quality and special glass furnaces such as TV glass, Borosilicate glass, Alumina silicate glass and so on.

Fused Cast Skid Rail Block

Fused Cast Skid Rail Block TY-GM5 TY-GM20 is mainly used in areas that require high abrasion and temperature resistance, such as gliding rail bricks in steel pusher metallurgical furnaces...
Other Product

Glass Mould Brick

Glass Mould Brick has some superior performances, such as low permanent linear change on reheating, high dense structure, etc

High Alumina Bricks

Brand Of High Alumina Bricks:LZ-75,LZ-65,LZ-55,LZ-48,LZ-80 High alumina bricks are mainly used in furnace for glass,each position of linings of blast furnace

Mullite Insulation Brick

Mullite Insulation Brick is made from good quality and superpure raw materials, with strictly classified fillings according to their grades These fillings can form a uniform pore structure after burnt during the process of manufacture

Mullite Bricks

Mullite bricks have the advantages of good high temperature resistance and good thermal shock resistance

High Quality Silica Brick

Our high quality silica brick--BG-96A BG-96B adopt high quality silica and advanced technology, it has features of high purity, long service life, good thermal conductivity, high refractoriness etc

Zircon Brick

Zircon Brick is acid refractory with the advantages of high mechanical strength, high refractoriness under load and excellent thermal shock stability
About Sunrise

Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd. manufacture the main products are as follows: Fused Cast Alumina Block,Fused Cast High Zirconia Block,Fused Cast Skid Rail Block,fused cast AZS 33#,36#,41#, glass furnace fireclay bottom block, mullite brick, zircon brick, alumina bubble brick, sillimanite brick, corundum brick, low porosity fireclay brick, high alumina brick, all kinds of glass furnace ramming masses, sealing materials, building fireclay, etc.

Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd locates at centre China. The major railway intersection of Jingguang and Longhai is close to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. To expand its import and export business, Sunrise has established long-term business with dozens of customers all over the world and maintained good cooperation with them.

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