Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Ceramic Fiber Bulk

Classification temperature : 1260℃

Melting point: 1760℃

Colour: White

Fiber diameter: 2.8 (um)

Fiber length: ~250 (mm)

Specific gravity: 2600 Kg/m3


Fibre bulks also provide stability and resistance to chemical attack, however, exceptions include hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and strong alkalies (i.e. NaOH, KOH).

Fibre bulks are unaffected by incidental spills of oil or water and their thermal and physical properties are restored after drying. They are designed from raw material Calcium-Magnesium-Silicate (CMS) and can be altered to achieve a customer’s desired properties of fibre diameter, shot content, fibre length and form.

Fibre bulks have excellent features such as low biopersistance and heat storage, thermal stability and god resistance to tearing. This material is flexible and resilient, immune to thermal shock and has an excellent thermal insulating performance.

These bulks are ideally suited to individual applications and are available in chopped, un-chopped, lubricated, non-lubricated forms. The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application.

Traditional applications are:
◆ Expansion joints construction;
◆ Base seals;
◆ Low mass kiln car construction;
◆ Tube seal fabrication;
◆ Thermal and acoustical insulation;
◆ As primary raw material for high temperature converted and engineering fibers.

◆ Raw material of secondary ceramic fiber products e.g. blanket, paper, board, shapes…
◆ Expansion joint seal;
◆ Temporary repair of insulation;
◆ Loose insulating fill for complex spaces and areas where access is difficult;
◆ Fiber reinforcement for insulating concretes and cements.

Technical Data
Item 1260 Bulk 1400 Bulk 1450 Bulk 1600 Bulk
Classification temperature (℃) 1260 1400 1500 1600
Melting point (℃) 1760 1700 1760 -
Colour White White Blue gree White
Fiber diameter (u m) 2.8 2.8 2.8 3.1
Fiber length (mm) ~250 ~250 ~150 ~100
Specific gravity (Kg/m3) 2600 2600 2650 3100
Shot content(>212 micro meter) (%) 18 18    
Thermal conductivity Kcal/mh ℃ (W/mK) ,ASTM C201, 190kg/m3
mean 400℃ 0.08 0.08    
mean 600℃ 0.12 0.12    
mean 800℃ 0.16 0.16    
mean1000℃   0.23    
Chemical composition        
Al2O3 47.1 35.0 40.0 72
SiO2 52.3 49.7 58.1 28
ZrO2   15.0    
Cr2O3     1.8  
Packing(Kg/box) 10,20

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