Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic Fiber Paper

Classification Temperature℃:1000

Color :White

Density:210 kg/m3

Tensile Strength :0.50 MPa

Organic Content:≤10(%)

Linear shrinkage rate(24h):≤3.5 (%)


Ceramic fiber paper is produced by ceramic fiber, binder and some additive through wet process, with the characteristics of stable chemical performance, resistance to most of the erosion of the chemicals. The physical property like refractory and insulation keep same when meet with oil, water or steam. The paper is with smooth furnace and good flexibility, can be cut into suitable size. Besides, YESO ceramic fiber paper has excellent dielectric strength; the binder will be burned out when fired.


Asbestos free

Low thermal conductivity

Low shot content

Light Weight

Resistance to erosion

Excellent thermal stability and resistance to heat-shock

Good dielectric strength

Easy to wrap , shaping or cutting

Excellent elasticity and flexibility

Low thermal capacity

Typical Application:

Welding thermal barriers

Castings parcel

Plant catalytic converters parcel

Ladle parcels

Thermocouple protection tube

Sealing for furnace door

Sealing and insulating pat

Expansion joint for furnaces

Insulating material for home application

Filter material for high temperature

Insulation material for glass and metal industry

Insulations for car muffler and exhaust pipe


Technical Data
Properties Paper-1000 Paper-1260 Paper-1400
Classification Temperature℃ 1000 1260 1400
Room Temperature Properties(23℃/Relative Humidity 50%)
Color White White White
Density kg/m3 210 210 210
Tensile Strength   MPa 0.50 0.65 0.65
Organic Content(%) ≤10 ≤8 ≤8
Elevated temperature property
Linear shrinkage rate(24h) (%) 1000x24hrs ≤3.5 - -
1100x24hrs - ≤3.5 -
1200x24hrs - - ≤3.5
Thermal Conductivity W/(m·k) ASTM-C-201
200℃   0.05 0.05 0.05
400℃   0.09 0.09 0.09
600℃   0.13 0.13 0.13
800℃   0.20 0.20 0.20
1000℃   - - 0.28

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