Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS33

Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS33
Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS33
Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS33
Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS33

Bulk density g/cm3:≥3.75

Apparent Porosity %:≤1.2

Cold Crushing Strength Mpa:≥300

Exudation Temperature of Glass Phase:≥1400

Bubble Separation Ratio(1300℃×10h):≤1.5

Anti-corrosion rate of glass liquid 1500℃×36h (mm/24h)%:


TY-AZS33 Shapes and sizes:

There are great variety of formats and shapes which are available for different forming and special machine processes.

Application: mainly used for working ends, feeder channel, side walls, superstructures, crowns, sidewalls, tank bottoms, C-shaped brick and doghouse crown.etc.

What's Fused Cast:

The term Fused Cast refers to a manufacturing process in which the ceramic bonding is obtained by the solidification of a mixture which has been melted in an electric furnace and cast in liquid state into molds.

Fused Cast AZS Blocks Introduction

AZS fused cast block is also called fused cast block which is abbreviated as AZS because it contains Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. Fused cast AZS block is made from pure alumina powder and Zircon sand (composed of 65% zirconia and 34% SiO2). After Alumina powder and zircon sand melting in electric furnace, they are cast into various molds and cool themselves down to become white solid. Because of the different content of Zirconia from 33%-41%, our fused cast AZS blocks can be divided into three types AZS—33#,AZS—36# and AZS—41#.

Technical Data
Item TY-AZS33
Chemical Composition Al2O3 ≥50.00
ZrO2 ≥32.50
SiO2 ≤15.50
Na2O+K2O ≤1.30
Bulk density g/cm3 ≥3.85
Apparent Porosity % ≤1.2
Cold Crushing Strength Mpa ≥300
Exudation Temperature of Glass Phase ≥1400
Bubble Separation Ratio(1300℃×10h) ≤1.5
Apparent density (g/cm3) PT(RN RC N) ≥3.45

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