1. We are interested in your products, please give the details to me. 

A: Thank you for your letter. Firstly we want to introduce our company--We are a professional manufacturer of refractory bricks mainly used in glass and steel industry. Products include Fused Cast AZS, fused cast α-β -alumina, β-alumina, α-alumina, glass mould brick, mullite brick, sillimanite brick, fireclay brick, high alumina brick, insulation brick, magnesia bricks,fiber ceramic board/blanket and many other special refractories.

Additionally please be kindly note use the size, quantity, purpose you required, so we can recommend you the most applicable products. 

2. What's the color of your products?

A: Different bricks are featuring with different colors, for example, the fireclay bricks are generally yellow, fused cast AZS are mostly white. You may send the specification and requirements to us, our technician and factory will provide you with pictures and specific solutions. 

3. How long is the service life of skid rail blocks?

A: Generally the service life is two years, but it is affiliated with usage methods, operation frequency, etc. 

4. Would you please send us some samples? 

A: Our company can provide 100*100*50 samples for free. However, the freight should be born by the clients. In particular case, if the mould is required to be made first for some special shaped blocks, the mould cost and sample fees assumed by clients will be highly appreciated. 

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