Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS33

Fused Cast AZS are the most widely used materials both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting furnaces

Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS36

Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS36 are mainly used for side walls of flame furnaces with embedded melter bottoms, for total security with average pulls and campaign lengths

Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS41

Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS41 is available in a large size straight or approximate bricks and special formats and shapes which are available for special machining processes

AZS Ramming Materials

The process of AZS Ramming Materials:Open the bag to check if the coagulant agent is dampened or hardened, and then spread the coagulant agent uniformly into the bag

AZS Casting Type

PT-The shringkage cavity in brick disperses under the casting scar

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