Mullite Insulation Brick

Mullite Insulation Brick is made from good quality and superpure raw materials, with strictly classified fillings according to their grades These fillings can form a uniform pore structure after burnt during the process of manufacture

Fire Clay Insulation Brick

Fire clay insulation brick is made of local top grade fireclay materials under the high temperature according to the lasted national standard, which possesses even bulk density, high strength, low thermal conductivity and low impurity

High Alumina Insulation Brick

Light Weight High Alumina Insulation Brick is widely used in lining or insulating layers of various industrial furnaces, and kilns in petrochemical, machinery, ceramic industry

Diatomite Insulation Brick

Diatomite insulating bricks can be used in reduction cell and hot blast pipe of various thermal equipment, which placed in the high requirement on heat-insulating

Silica Insulation Brick

Silica Insulation Brick is mainly made of top class silica, via shaping and burning under the high temperature, possesses high temperature resistant, high strength and low impurities, etc

Magnesia Silicate Insulation Board

Magnesia Silicate Insulation Board is mainly used for metallurgy, building materials, furnace heat preservation, fireproof materials, etc

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