In the corner, pay attention to the landscape brick

The landscape brick is in the square of traditional material, although it can even have a rectangular and round block mosaic. The square part can be cut into diagonal shapes and the use of diamond-shaped pattern of landscape bricks is turned to be mounted in oblique rather than straight. Although you can mix and match landscape bricks and landscape brick patterns, you need to use a creative layout to produce the desired results.
1, the corner shop paste
In the corner, insert the landscape brick pattern in the corner of the square landscape brick cut off at a 45 degree angle to accommodate the oblique insertion. Upon completion, you have a chessboard pattern, and at each crossroads the landscape brick has a landscape brick inserted. Normally, insert 2 to 3 inches in size, but you can make them as big or small as you wish. Note that if you are using the difference in the thickness of the two different landscape bricks, you may need to build a landscape brick with a thinset mortar layer to match the two facilities.
2, insert mode
The mode is inserted into a large scale diagonal or area within the overall installation. As an example, it would be a landscape brick entrance channel characteristic of the overall oblique mode in the entrance channel width and length, but concentrated in the middle insert 5 feet 3 feet of dimension. Insert the layout is to complete the installation of a tape and pencil in advance, and then pop the chalk line into the area, then you first install the insert or you first install the overall installation. To achieve the best results, first install the thick watt (if you are using two different types of material) and then use a deeper incision trowel to install the thin material when the surface matches.\
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