Unshaped refractories

A refractory material that is used directly from a reasonably graded granular and powdered material and binder without being formed and fired. They have no fixed shape, can be made of slurry, paste and loose paste, which is also known as bulk refractory. With such materials can constitute a seamless overall structure, this preparation is also known as the overall refractory.
Its particles and fine powder can be composed of any material of refractory materials, and can be divided into raw materials: siliceous refractories, clay refractories, high alumina refractories, magnesia refractories, dolomite refractories, chrome Quality refractories and so on. Many kinds of binders, such as various kinds of cement, inorganic salts (water glass, sulfate, phosphate, etc.) and organic matter (tar pitch, phenolic resin, etc.) can also be classified and named.
According to the process characteristics can be divided into castable, plastic, ramming material, spray material, casting material, refractory mud, refractory paint and so on.
Usually only through the granular, powder preparation and mixing of the mixing process can be obtained. The process is simple, the production cycle is short, low heat consumption, the use of good overall, adaptable, comprehensive use of good results.
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