Molding and Methods of Refractory Material

Refractory brick's molding in the manufacturing process, refers to the refractory raw materials recuring to

outside force and the model, making the blank will be processed into specified dimension and

shape. However, the flow castable's construction of the latest development does not need basically external


The molding of fused cast AZS, firstly is to satisfy the using demand of the products, when refractory brick

masonry, the requirement of products must have a certain shape, precise size, and enough strength. Secondly,

molding is also the efficient way to improve the physical and chemical properties of products, by shape can

improve the organizational structure of products. Refractory brick has a lot of molding methods, the traditional

processing methods according to how much moisture content can be divided into:

1. Semi-dry method: its blank moisture is around 5%, suitable for blank of different clinker content(50% 100%).

2. Plastic method: its blank moisture is around 15%, suitable for manufacturing large or complicated shape of

the products.

3. Grouting method: its blank moisture is around 40%, is suitable for all kinds of hollow thin-walled refractory

materials in production.

The modeling methods of refractory brick have a lot, the common used molding ways contain organic pressure

molding, vibration molding, extrusion molding, ramming forming, isostatic pressure molding, casting molding,

grouting, etc.

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