Refractory industry background

Refractory material is a typical big industry, small company pattern. Although many refractory enterprises in China, but the concentration is very low. Currently resistant to domestic market space about 100 billion, 2015, the first 10 refractory enterprises market share of less than 15%, the highest market share of blue and white group has not yet listed. Listed companies in the leading enterprises Pu-share market share of less than 3% (industry second), Beijing Lier, Ruitai technology less than 2%. Foreign refractory concentration is much higher than the domestic, the first few refractory group control the world in addition to most of China's refractory market, the top ten business concentration of about 60%. Compared with the international giants, China's largest operating income Pu-resistant shares ranked second in the world, but also far below the world's tenth-ranked Morgan crucible. The world's largest and oldest refractory producer, the Austrian Magnesium Group (RHI), accounts for 13% of the world's refractory market, accounting for about 40% of the European market.
China's refractory industry ushered in the concentration of the increase in the inflection point, the level of profitability of steel mills to ensure that the whole package to accelerate the package, small businesses have lost the downstream market, is conducive to leading enterprises to enhance market share, while refractory industry overcapacity and small The financial pressure of the industry makes the industry more opportunities for mergers and acquisitions. The state's policies are encouraging and advancing industry consolidation.
According to the "Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Refractory Industry" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information in February 2013, China will continue to promote joint reorganization and improve industrial concentration in the future. By 2015, the formation of 2 to 3 international competitiveness of enterprises, to create a number of new industrial industry demonstration base, the top 10 enterprises industrial concentration reached 25%. By 2020, the top 10 enterprises industry concentration increased to 45%.
Ministry of Industry and Commerce promulgated the "Refractories Industry Standard Conditions" on December 31, 2014, the production layout, process and equipment, quality management, clean production, energy saving and comprehensive utilization, production, occupational health and society of refractory products enterprises Responsibility and supervision and management, and so made a request.
Refractory demand
The downstream demand for refractories mainly comes from the steel industry (less than 2% of the cost of steel mills), the demand for more than 50%, the remaining demand for construction, color, glass, cement and other industries. For refractories for steel, due to the large amount of use, replacement time is short, technological innovation and progress are walking in the forefront of refractory materials in other industries.
Advantages of China 's Refractory Industry
China's refractory technology has approached the international level of development, and has the advantages of raw materials (proven raw material reserves in China are among the forefront, or even the first). China's refractory production in 2013 is about 2,928.25 million tons, accounting for more than 65% of the world's total output
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