Analysis on Casting Method of Corundum Brick

 1, no shrinkage casting
  The shrinkage is concentrated in a certain area, after annealing with a diamond saw to remove him, the remaining useful part of the composition of uniform, dense tissue, the average density of the density close to the theoretical density; the other is cutting the cast leg method: from the reduction of cutting area The castings are cast into "L" type, so that the vast majority of the shrinkage is concentrated on the "L" smaller legs, which account for 60% of the total volume of the casting, and the entire casting is buried in the insulation And keep tilted to cause the shrinkage to concentrate on the legs.
    2, corundum brick tilting casting method
     The tilting casting method creates the angle of the mold before casting and places the riser on one end of the mold so that it can get a dense area in the T section and a higher level in the T direction The accuracy of the. So when using this casting masonry wall, you can use its height.
  3, corundum brick ordinary casting method This method of casting brick prices lower, mostly for the kiln of the superstructure, to clarify the pool wall, etc.. Casting with ordinary riser casting, and in the hot state to remove the riser, the section is divided into two parts, part of the first curing, fine crystal, the area accounted for casting thickness of 40% -50%, the other part of the curing, Shrinkage and coarse crystals

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