The reason why the refractory bricks are infringed in the kiln

Refractory brick life, it is very important to discuss the reasons for the damage to refractory bricks. Refractory bricks in the kiln often suffer from the effect of the following:
      (1) subject to high temperature corrosion
      When the calcination temperature is too high, it will constitute a brick refractory brick softening, decreased strength, volume instability, and even gradually burned, was not eroded.
      (2) chemical corrosion effect
      Normal calcination, the clinker composition temperature above 1450 ℃, about 25% liquid phase appears, the liquid phase is overbased, adhere to the exposed refractory brick and refractory brick from the chemical reaction. Corrosion damage to refractory bricks.
      (3) quenching, hot corrosion
       For a variety of reasons, open kiln, kiln, fast kiln, slow kiln, material large, small powder, low humidity, high temperature conditions are difficult to avoid, so the kiln hot and cold changes also often exist. The temperature change of the refractory bricks is particularly frequent because, when calcined, the refractory bricks are covered by the material, the temperature drops and exposes it, and is heated by the high temperature flame and the hot air. In general, this temperature shakes at least once a minute, about 50 million times a year. In this case, such as the composition of refractory bricks, it is prone to fire brick burst, fried head number phenomenon, greatly shortened the service life.
      (4) damage to mechanical effects
      Refractory bricks are often subjected to pulverized coal incineration when the shock force, especially when the pulverized coal burns, the shock is more severe. In addition, the kiln body deformation, the center line is not correct, in the rotation by the gravity effect, so that the cylinder into oval, causing pressure, folding, shear and other stress effects, constitute a refractory brick was broken or broken phenomenon.
      (5) damage to material wear
      Because the material reversal of the kiln continue to slide and roll, material and refractory ring between the role of the conflict, coupled with the air in the dust mixed with the erosion of the refractory bricks, refractory bricks will be caused by severe damage and thus thinning.
      Therefore, according to the damage of refractory bricks in the kiln, cement kiln refractory bricks should have the following conditions: ① high temperature, high refractoriness; ② thermal shock, good stability; ③ good slag resistance, also ⑥ shape rules, refractory bricks of the standard and accurate scale, easy to puzzle; ⑦ refractory bricks with easy to hang the kiln skin; ⑤ wear resistance is good; Function.
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