Five advantages of insulating bricks

As a new thermal insulation material, the thermal insulation brick has the characteristics of high strength, good rigidity, wind pressure resistance, creep resistance and crack resistance and water resistance. What are the advantages of thermal insulation bricks?
       1, fire retardant:
  Insulation bricks are made of various inorganic non-combustible materials such as expanded perlite, high-temperature adhesives, etc., and then prepared with scientific formulas and advanced technological techniques. They are in full compliance with the A1 fire rating technology required by the National Fire Protection Building Materials Supervision and Inspection Regulations. Index, refractory temperature above 1100 ℃.
 2, thermal insulation
   Excellent perlite material insulation brick, its thermal conductivity up to 0.0519, much better than the national technical indicators 0.07, with very good thermal insulation performance, is the first choice for the home interior decoration industry insulation insulation insulation material .
3, non-toxic environmental protection
 Perlite insulation bricks pay attention to formula science because of the selection of materials, without any release of chlorine, formaldehyde and other toxins, in full compliance with the national fire protection building materials supervision and inspection requirements of the smoke toxic safety level (AQ1) technical requirements, is the ideal home interior decoration partition wall Building safety and health insulation materials.
     4, drowning moisture
  High-quality perlite insulation brick does not use the traditional magnesia magnesium chloride and other halogen substances and backward preparation process, will not rust metal and wood, and has excellent water repellency and moisture-proof properties.
 5, light plastic
 300 × 120 × (50-66) mm brick size medium size, light construction, solid construction; volume is 85 times the thickness of the adhesive brick, and weighs only 85% clay brick 1/4, more suitable for the floor Indoor non-load-bearing partition wall masonry, and moderate strength, can be cut can be sawed, can be painted.\
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