The Construction of Checker Bricks

Before the construction, check the bars and columns. The surface tolerance of the bars should be checked by the wire pulling method and not exceed 5mm. The distance between the center line of the bars and the design position should not exceed 3mm. 
The Construction of Checker Bricks
The size tolerance of checker bricks should be inspected for acceptance. Before construction, determine the construction program according to the spot checks of the sizes. 7 holes checker bricks with grooved tongues should be arranged according to the height. 
The checker bricks in the center point of regenerators should be used as the center brick. The two horizontal center lines that pass through the center bricks and are mutually perpendicular should serve as the center line of each layer of checker bricks. Every layer of bricks should be laid based on the center line and the holes should be vertical. During construction, control lines should be set. Dislocation between two adjacent layers should not exceed 5mm.
Lay the first layer for a trial and keep its surface flat. Then check its quality. The dislocation between the holes of checker bricks and the bars should not exceed 10mm. 
Expansion joints should be reserved between the checker bricks and the walls and plugged with wedges. 
Anti-scaling measures should be taken to prevent blockage of holes. After the construction is finished, clean the masonry and check if the holes are blocked. If the light of a light can penetrate the holes or a rope can get through the holes, it is qualified. The number of blocked holes cannot exceed 3% of the number of complete holes in the first layer. 
When 7 holes checker bricks with grooved tongues are used, the adjacent layers should be stretcher bonded. Expansion joints should be reserved between bricks and bricks according to the design. 
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